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Sarah holland

Sarah holland

Tips for choosing your children’s school shoes!

With growing children’s feet, it is always important to be measured and fitted each time your child is getting new shoes. This ensures the suitability and fit of the footwear is appropriate for your child’s needs. Active Feet carry a variety of shoes, and they will be able to further assist in-store at our locations. 


Things to consider when purchasing school shoes:

  • Uniform requirements
      • Can you rchild wear runners?
      • Are lace up shoes preferred?
      • Are T-bars an option?
  • Activities and surfaces
      • Are you looking for a shoe that has the cushioning and structure of a runner but looks like a school shoe?
      • What sort of sole does the shoe require?
You may have an active child that plays sports at lunch time, or, your child may need to get themselves to and from school each day. These sorts of things may impact your shoe choice.

Orthotic accommodation: Does your child have orthotics? If yes, they need to suit the kind of shoe you are purchasing.
  • Arch support: This will vary between shoes
  • Material (sole, upper, laces/velcros, buckle)

Contact the clinic or book online with one of our podiatrists to further discuss footwear brands, pain within the lower leg or feet, flexible inserts (orthotics) or alternative queries you may have. We’re here to help!

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