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Updated 07 May 2024


  1. Before altering your diet or starting an exercise program, consult your physician or healthcare provider to confirm your suitability for participation.
  2. Participation in Studio VHG classes carries inherent health and safety risks, as with any form of exercise.
  3. Patients agree to adhere to all instructions and guidelines provided by us, our instructors, directors, and staff for safe class participation.
  4. Any injuries, illnesses, or conditions (including pregnancy) should be disclosed immediately to a Studio VHG staff member or instructor. Adjustments to class programs may be made or a medical certificate requested to continue participation.
  5. Prompt notification of any pain experienced during class is required, and patients agree to cease participation if requested by the Instructor.
  6. Studio VHG reserves the right to refuse class participation until a medical certificate affirming fitness for participation is provided.
  7. At times Studio VHG may employ instructors or staff that are not trained medical practitioners. Our guidance and assistance should not replace more professional or senior medical advice, and patients may be required to provide a medical certificate to participate in classes.
  8. Patients acknowledge the inherent risk of injury associated with class participation and assume full responsibility for any resulting injuries, losses, damages, or property loss.
  9. Studio VHG is not responsible for the safekeeping of patients’ belongings and does not assume liability for lost or stolen property.
  10. Patients, their heirs, assigns, or legal representatives waive any claims against Studio VHG, its instructors, owners, directors, representatives, or partners for injuries, losses, expenses, or damages incurred during class participation, whether due to negligence or otherwise.
  11. Patients confirm their good physical condition and agree that they have no disability, impairment, or ailment that would detrimentally affect participation in exercise.
  12. By booking into a class, patients automatically agree to the above terms and conditions.
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