Devon Juniper

Devon has enjoyed the benefits of exercise for many years through his history playing local basketball. This led him to complete further studies at ACU, a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science. While on placement in East-Timor he learned of the greater health benefits exercise can bring to the community. Devon wanted to explore this further, so he continued his education at ACU with a Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology.



Devon has discovered a passion for helping people with various conditions, including diabetes, multiple sclerosis, chronic back pain, obesity, osteoarthritis, and cancer. He has been lucky enough to help many people through his work in private clinics and in hospitals 



Devon enjoys spending time in the gym, cooking up a storm in the kitchen or playing basketball down on the courts.

Accredited Exercise Physiologist
Clinical Pilates Instructor


Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology

Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science

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