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Updated 07 May 2024


  1. Clinical Pilates Classes at Studio VHG are limited to a maximum of 5 persons only. Exercise Physiology Classes at Studio VHG are limited to a maximum of 5 persons only. Hybrid Classes are limited to a maximum of 8 persons only. We kindly request your compliance with our booking and cancellation policy to ensure fairness for all participants.
  2. For cancellations at Studio VHG, the following policies apply uniformly across all patients and memberships:
    1. Group classes: Cancellation must occur at least 6 hours prior to the scheduled class time to avoid loss of class credit or incurring late fees.
    2. Private classes: Cancellation must occur at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled class time.
  3. Late cancellations or no-shows can disrupt our small class sizes and may prevent others from attending. Therefore, we urge you to cancel your class as soon as possible via the website or by calling the clinic on 03 9437 6268 if you are unable to attend. We do not accept cancellations via social media or email.
  4. Please note that late cancellations (within 6 hours) or not showing up for a class will result in the forfeit of the session for patients on packages and the loss of a class credit.
  5. Cancellations made via SMS or social media will not be accepted. In case of unforeseeable circumstances preventing class attendance, please call the clinic on 03 9437 6268; if the line is unattended, please leave a message.
  6. Studio VHG requires patients to manage their class bookings and monitor waitlists diligently. Failure to book or utilise all classes within a package before its expiry will result in forfeiture unless a medical certificate is provided.
  7. A minimum of two participants is required for a class to proceed.
  8. Instructors or owners reserve the right to refuse a patient’s participation in a class for safety or other reasonable reasons.
  9. The minimum age to attend group classes at Studio VHG is 16 years, unless discussed with your instructor prior.
  10. Instructors and classes are subject to change without notice, and Studio VHG reserves the right to cancel classes due to low attendance, instructor availability, or other appropriate reasons.
  11. The Starter Packs (Mini, Max or Combo) are exclusively available to new patients and can only be purchased once.
  12. The Pre-Opening Special is valid for 30 days from the first class booking and is non-refundable or transferable.
  13. Payment must be made before booking a class, either by pre-purchasing sessions online or by paying at the time of booking in the studio.
  14. Studio VHG reserves the right to adjust prices and terms and conditions at any time.
  15. All classes, memberships, and packages are non-refundable, non-extendable, and non-transferable, except for cases of illness or injury supported by a medical certificate emailed to info@valleyhealthgroup.com.au before the package expires.
  16. Each patient must have their own account and cannot book through another person’s details. Sharing of classes or memberships is prohibited.
  17. Studio VHG enforces a strict 5-minute late policy to ensure efficient class warm-ups and minimal disruption to other patients. Entry may be refused for late arrivals, and the class credit may be forfeited.
  18. Children under 16 years are not permitted in the studio for liability and quality assurance reasons, except for ‘mums and bubs’ classes.
  19. Waitlisting classes is encouraged, and patients will be automatically added to a class when a spot becomes available, provided it’s outside the cancellation period. Patients must actively monitor their bookings and waitlists.
  20. Patients with pre-existing injuries or illnesses must disclose them, and modifications may be provided at the instructor’s discretion. Studio VHG may refuse entry if safety concerns arise.
  21. Members can book unlimited classes up to 8 weeks in advance but can only attend a maximum of one class per day.
  22. Memberships can be suspended for up to 12 weeks annually, with a minimum of 1-week suspension at a time, and require 14 days’ written notice.
  23. Long-term or permanent injury or illness warrants immediate membership termination with written confirmation from a medical doctor.
  24. Studio VHG reserves the right to cancel a membership after three or more failed payment attempts.
  25. By booking into a class, you automatically agree to the above terms and conditions set forth by Studio VHG.
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