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Sarah holland

Sarah holland

Improve your Wellbeing this Year

Congratulations on completing another lap around the sun! It is this time of the year when people consider what they want to achieve in the new year and what they want to work on from the previous year.  We all have a tendency to reach for the stars when it comes to goal setting in the new year, but setting the bar too high can mean we feel demotivated when we don’t get there as fast as we’d like — and give up altogether. 


Setting smaller goals will help you stay consistent in your efforts. Be kind to yourself, know that the journey will inevitably come with some setbacks, but it’s how you choose to proceed and learn from them that matters. Still not quite sure where to begin? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

Here are our top tips to give you the best start to 2023:



Check in with your osteopath if you are experiencing any discomfort or pain. Address the issues as soon as you can, so you have a plan to get back to your “better you” as quickly as possible. Osteopathic treatment helps bring vitality back to your body. It can realign your musculoskeletal system, allowing better performance and can stop niggles reoccurring by addressing the stresses and strains on the body. 


Diet is one of the most important factors behind good health. A healthy diet can help prevent obesity, strengthen your immune system, and improve your well-being overall. And you will find it much easier to eat a healthy diet if you plan it out first.


When planning a diet, it’s important to add a variety of dishes to be sure you get all the vitamins and minerals that you need. It’s best to include plenty of fruit and veg, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself or that you have to stick to a strictly healthy diet. For most people, focusing on eating meals made from fresh ingredients to ensure they’re getting plenty of good quality nutrition will make a big difference.


Find time for exercise 30 minutes a day or more. Be active as much as possible when you have a chance. It’s important to also have time for yourself as this can assist you to navigate your own state of mind and emotional well being and mental mindset. Not sure where to start, then check in with our exercise physiologists as they can also create exercise programs, give training tips to help get you started and provide ongoing support and encouragement. 

Remember, lasting change comes from small and consistent adaptations to your lifestyle — so pick a couple that will easily integrate with your lifestyle and get ready to be surprised when you’re still sticking with them through the whole year!


And for those of you who are looking for a little more motivation, here are our top 10 go to’s for crushing 2023:

  • Start on the right track – health check 101
  • Start with one resolution
  • Focus – take time to think about what you really want to achieve and make sure it’s realistic 
  • Change one behaviour at a time
  • Break your goal into a series of smaller goals
  • Tell your friends and family what you’re aiming for
  • Regularly remind yourself of the benefits
  • Give yourself a small reward for achieving each step
  • Map your progress
  • Don’t beat yourself up – expect to have small set-backs, but get up and keep crushing it!

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