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Sarah holland

Sarah holland

Recovery in Sport & Athletic Preparation

In the realm of sports, the quest for greatness is not a solitary endeavour, but a collaborative symphony of expertise and innovation. Step into a world where performance enhancement transcends the ordinary, and this should also be guided by a team of dedicated allied health professionals. Embark on a voyage that unravels the tapestry of multidisciplinary collaboration, redefining the limits of achievement for athletes ready to embrace a holistic approach to their journey as we illuminate the path to peak performance during finals, uncovering the secrets of synchronised expertise that transform contenders into champions.

Many of us are now heading towards the end of our sporting season, whether that be for football, soccer, basketball or netball. In order to attain a high level of performance and success both individually and for the team, it is important to understand the importance of preparation and recovery.


In the wild world of sports, the true champions understand the pivotal role of preparation and recovery. Let’s dive into the high energy universe of athletic performance.

Embracing the power of preparation

Preparation serves as an important factor in the pursuit of athletic success. Athletes sculpt their skills through these essential aspects of preparation:



True mastery is not attained by chance; it is born from training with both intent and purpose. Consistent, focused practice and refining skills and techniques demonstrates unwavering dedication.


Mental Toughness

Winners know the game is won or lost in the mind. They flex their mental muscles, visualising victory, setting goals and staying focused like a laser beam.


Fuelling the Fire

Nutrition is the cornerstone to maximise performance in athletes. By feasting on the right fuel and loading up on essential nutrients we can gain an advantage over the rest of the competition.

Bouncing Back with Recovery

Recovery plays a vital role in athletic success. It allows our body to be in the best possible condition to head back into training and games. 



Nutrition is essential to restore the nutrients lost during physical activity. Within the first 20 minutes of activity, you should aim to replenish carbohydrate stores with a banana or a sports drink and proteins with powders or pre-mixed drinks that contain up to 30g of protein. Within 30-90 minutes after activity, you should consume a proper meal to replenish your nutrient stores. 



Athletes embrace rest as a weapon, fuelling their bodies with adequate, quality sleep and rejuvenation to help them perform at the very best.


Active recovery

Gentle exercises such as stretching and low-intensity cardio, encourage blood flow and help alleviate muscle soreness.



Adequate hydration not only quenches thirst but also promotes optimal physical and mental functioning. Athletes embrace the simple yet profound act of hydrating their bodies, ensuring fluid performance on and off the field.


Holistic healing

The hands of skilled professionals who provide massage and osteopathic treatment to help aid athletic performance and injury prevention. This can soothe tired muscles, reduce inflammation and prevent injuries.


Other aids of recovery may be heat therapy, water therapy, compression garments. At Valley Health Group, we can provide the right tools to optimise your success on and off the field.


Whether that be discussing a personalised pre-game routine including an active warm up, general nutritional advice for performance, or utilising the variety of services we offer from massage to dry needling to promote greater recovery. We also offer exercise programs to ensure you’re in tip top shape for game day. 


Whether you’re looking to prepare for your next big game or recover from a tough workout, we are here to help you achieve your athletic goals and thrive both on and off the field.


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