What to expect during an EP session

The team at Valley Health Group want to make the initial process easy for you. Whether you are new to the clinic, new to Exercise Physiology or a long-term patient, the process will be the same.

As we guide you through a personalised journey that’s  tailor-made and suited to you, our accredited exercise physiologist will first undertake an initial assessment involving history taking, exercise and performance testing and collaborative goal setting. The information gathered from the initial assessment will be imperative in designing and implementing an individually tailored exercise program to meet your needs.  The exercise program will be reviewed, evaluated and progressed over-time to achieve the greatest outcomes. Our exercise physiology service offers one-on-one sessions and small group classes (2-4 individuals), both consisting of individualised, supervised and safe exercises to meet your needs.

One-on-one sessions are recommended for anyone new to exercise or requiring assistance in developing sound technique with maximum attention. We have state of the art strength training equipment available for our patients. To help our patients stay on track with their rehab, we also provide an individualised app based exercise program for patients to follow at home.
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