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Sarah holland

Sarah holland

Open for Essential Care

In line with the most recent announcements from the Victorian Government in relation to COVID-19 restrictions, as a health service, we remain open to the public for essential treatments.

Face to face appointments can proceed, if they are deemed essential and telehealth isn’t appropriate, during the circuit breaker lockdown for Osteopathy.

Massage services will cease during the lockdown, and we will not be offering Group Exercise Classes.

You are still allowed to leave home, and go beyond the 10km limit if required, to receive health care – this includes osteopathy at Valley Health Group.

Note: If you have to travel outside the 10km radius from your home you can show the SMS confirmation of your appointment if questioned in transit. We can also provide you with an attendance certificate.

Phone us on 9437 6268 if you need to make an urgent appointment or have any questions about an existing booking.

Reminder: Telehealth consultations and online bookings are available too.

Stay safe everyone!

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